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Asmak’s promise to its customers is to always produce the finest range of fresh seafood.

Our Vision
Asmak aims to be the largest producer, processor and supplier of fresh and healthy fish and seafood products in the GCC and Middle East. Asmak’s vision is to enable the ease of reach to its wide customer base that already knows and trusts Asmak, as well as reach thousands of new customers who are eager to explore a wide variety of fresh seafood.

Part of our vision is also to further assist the government’s restocking programme. Asmak’s vision does not stop here but goes on to promoting the awareness of healthy and fresh food, because at Asmak, we do nothing less than fresh.

Our Mission
Asmak’s mission is to guarantee that its outlets guarantee freshness and price competitiveness, while enabling Asmak to supply directly to customers and receive immediate feedback. Asmak also aims to maintain its range of seafood.

Asmak is not merely a supplier of fresh seafood; on the contrary, they compose a dedicated team that strives to advocate healthy living through fresh seafood. Asmak is passionate about only producing premium products and maintaining an immaculate service for its customers whilst only using exceptional raw materials that pass our screenings.

Asmak is a proud seafood producer, working with passion and no less.

It is important to never lose sight of the fact that much of our success is made possible by nature’s bounty and we do our best to preserve our natural resources and replenish them sustainability. Asmak TEAM WORKS hard to participate in efforts to mitigate the risk of stock depletion due to overfishing and invests heavily in the development of aquaculture projects to supplement fish supply to meet growing demand.

From the raw materials we source to the fisheries and aquaculture farms we maintain and the processing and packaging plants that run, QUALITY, health and safety are always a priority. All our services REQUIRE that the quality and health and safety are taken as a priority and with extreme measures. We are very serious about our quality standards around here and believe in the investment of time and effort to maintain the highest standards for Asmak’s customers.

Here are some of the certifications that we have acquired in ensuring freshness, quality and safety:

        EU approval
        HACCP Certification
        Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Certification
        FDA approval
        Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act
        ISO 22000
        ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management

At every stage of the business, we have policies in place to train and educate the Asmak team to work and compete in a performance-based business environment, and provide them with hands-on experience and MANAGEMENT expertise necessary for the long-term success of the company.